improve crop quality and productivity.

Hiotera is a platform that will help you have more productive crops, reduce incidents and make more profit.

Big data

Monitoring and
Remote Operation

and control

Greenhouse management based on reliable data

Crops are living organisms that need a constant monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crop monitoring gives information about its actual state to provide the right conditions and achieve greater performance.

Greenhouse crop optimization
for a higher return

Through its algorithms, Hiotera maintains the optimal conditions that each crop needs by acting on the different elements in the greenhouses (fertigation system, windows, bands, others).

Big data

A platform that combines IoT with Big Data collection, applied to greenhouse agriculture.

Monitoring and

Hiotera monitors and collects all the greenhouse’s relevant data using remote sensors.

and control

It controls the climate, irrigation and fertigation systems to maintain the most optimal conditions for the crop.

How to get your greenhouse 4.0


Install Hiotera

Install Hiotera in your greenhouses and start collecting sensitive information about your crops.


Optimize production

Measure and make management changes. Automate processes to optimize production.


Get more return

Improves productivity and quality of crops. Make more profit.

Designed to meet your needs

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Talk to an expert

Learn everything that Hiotera offers you to get the most out of your crops.

Learn how to multiply the benefits of installing Hiotera in your greenhouses.

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